At Trudi Jones Interior Design we aspire to reflect our client’s personalities, tastes and lifestyle in our designs. Keeping our minds open and working closely with our clients allows this process to evolve.

The willingness of the client to ’think outside the box’ and place confidence in us as designers allows us to create spaces that are truly unique. Perhaps it is that little element of surprise, the flow from one space to another or the juxtaposition of a design element within a space that makes the process and the design special.

Our design inspirations come from the past, present and future. We draw upon colour palettes and natural materials that surround us on this beautiful west coast of Canada. Bringing the outdoors in, whether in colours or design elements is a significant design consideration.

Working closely together we draw expertise from different yet related backgrounds. Our complimentary skills and personalities work and when the design is right, instinctively, we both know it.

Trudi Jones

As an Interior Designer I feel it is very important to understand how people process and being a good listener is a key component to gaining this understanding. Everyone is unique, and an open line of communication is essential, so that the client is heard.

Being a creative process, it is important to work collaboratively with everyone involved. The best results are from having an idea and expanding on it. It is crucial to work closely with the trades involved. These skilled people have been doing their jobs a long time and their input contributes greatly to the success of each project.

My partner Wendy White and I come together as a highly skilled and knowledgeable team. With my years of design and project management working with a construction company, blended with Wendy’s extensive architectural and artistic background.

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