Trudi Jones

As an Interior Designer I feel it is very important to understand how people process and being a good listener is a key component to gaining this understanding. Everyone is unique, and an open line of communication is essential, so that the client is heard.

Being a creative process, it is important to work collaboratively with everyone involved. The best results are from having an idea and expanding on it. It is crucial to work closely with the trades involved. These skilled people have been doing their jobs a long time and their input contributes greatly to the success of each project.

My partner Wendy White and I come together as a highly skilled and knowledgeable team. With my years of design and project management working with a construction company, blended with Wendy’s extensive architectural and artistic background, we keep up with the current trends and the latest products. The process always includes the client’s thoughts and ideas. Working together with everyone involved results in flow and harmony ultimately creating beautiful design.

Listed below is a summary of Trudi’s additional design achievements:

  • 20 years working with Alan Jones, (husband), of Alan Jones Construction Ltd.
  • Privileged to be involved in projects designed by recognized Architectural Firms – John Patkau Architects, Frank Ambrosia Architects, Praxis Architects, to name a few, many of these projects have gone on to win awards.
  • Completed courses at Pacific Design Academy
  • Worked with Alan Jones Construction in residential, commercial, and involved with Alan Jones Development Projects – ‘The Meadows’, on MacDonald Park Road in Sidney, 59 units including townhouses and condos, ‘4 on Fifth’ townhouses, both award-winning projects.
  • Travel throughout Europe, Canada, Mexico, Morocco, and the US has given Trudi the opportunity to see many different architectural designs, experience different cultures and appreciate many diverse art forms.
  • An appreciation of the fine arts & novice collector several pieces over the years.
  • Over many years in the business Trudi has developed dependable and reliable resources for products, artisans and sub-contractors.
  • Interior Design is for every budget and worth the investment, Trudi understands how to work within a fixed budget.
  • Space, dimension, colour and texture are fundamental in all our designs and Trudi is not shy of colour!
  • Working with all persons invested in the project – listening to all parties involved, (husband, wife, family) to create a harmonious space